9 Up-&-Coming Beauty Vloggers To Watch Right Now

I've been obsessively watching YouTube beauty tutorials for the last three years now. And in my time perusing the inner workings of the site's beauty community, I always notice the same big names pop up: Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and Ingrid Nilsen, to name a few.

All of their channels are incredible, of course — hence the insane followings — but there are plenty of YouTubers creating kick-ass content for slighter smaller fanbases who also deserve some love. So, for your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up nine of our favorite under-the-radar YouTubers and the gateway videos we think you should watch to get started. There's no doubt these bloggers (many of whom already have thousands of followers) will be hitting the million-subbie mark soon. So get ready for some serious binge-watching, ahead.

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