22 Young Moms Open Up About The Realities Of Motherhood

There are some secrets — the steamy ones, the illicit ones — that you keep, even though you're dying to share them. Then there are the secrets you hold close to your heart, the ones you're too ashamed to let slip. Maybe you're afraid you'll be judged, that the wrong person will find out, or that you can't share these thoughts because you aren't even sure how to feel about them. Feelings of uncertainty — Is it okay to brag? Is it okay to complain? — are something everyone experiences, regardless of their circumstances. But parents, especially young parents, may end up carrying these kinds of secrets simply due to the complicated role they have to play. And sometimes, feeling better about these things is simply a matter of finding a way to give voice to these confusing emotions. Below, we've assembled secrets from young — including teenaged — women about what it's like to be a mother at an early age. While some express regret or total frustration over having children when they did, others exude nothing but pride. Any of these positions can be difficult to take, thanks to the lingering stigma around being a young parent. One constant throughout all of these confessions, however, is these parents' obvious and enduring love for their children. Read ahead for 22 deeply candid confessions from young parents who shared their secrets on Whisper.
As a young mom you come to realize that not everyone who said they would
always be there will keep their word.
Sometimes I hate being a young mom. I want my old life back. But when I see
my daughter smile, she melts my heart all over again
As a young mom sometimes I just want to scream and cry. But I have to stay
I regret becoming a teen mom. Only because I wish I could give my baby more
than he has.....I just wish I could spoil him with more than love
sometimes. He deserves it
Yes, I
I think I
I hate when people talk about me being a young mom, just means I get to
love my baby girl longer!
People don
Yes, I
I got rejected by a guy i like cause i
I hate when people give me the nastiest look ever when they find out my
age. Yes I
Something that bothers me most about being a teen mom is when people think
Ever since I had my son I
Being a teen mom is rough, not going to lie. I can
I love my kids but its hard being a young mom when none of my friends have
kids. I

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