5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Oct 19 2014

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
We’re definitely guilty of using PMS as an occasional excuse not to work out. But, sometimes exercise is the best medicine, as proven by these seven yoga poses that help alleviate cramps. (SHAPE)
Fitness trackers only work when they’re monitoring data that you actually care about. To prevent buyer’s remorse (mercury is in retrograde, after all), here’s our guide to finding the sweat-ready gadget that’s perfect for you.
Fall food isn’t just about pumpkin-spice everything. Another delicious menu option is spaghetti squash. Here are nine healthy comfort-food recipes that use the fiber-rich ingredient. (Greatist)
So, your friend finally convinced you to try her favorite workout, the one with the motivating instructor who blasts an equally inspiring playlist. Just be sure you don't skip this important first-time step once you get to class.
We used all of our good row-jokes earlier this week when we highlighted the total-body benefits of indoor rowing, so we’ll get right to the point: Try these tips from the pros on how to tweak your rowing form and improve your strength for a better workout. (Q By Equinox)

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