Brighten Up The Summer Weather Situation With This Gorgeous App

Across the board, we are all tired of Miami's crazy, sticky, wet summer weather. And checking out's boring design to see "rain, rain, rain" is kind of a bummer. Wouldn't your rather start the day knowing that you are dressed for the proper weather, whether (ha!) that means an umbrella or shorts and a tank?
Well, local Miami graphic designer David Elgena has answered: he created a beautiful and extremely-simple weather app for the iPad named WTHR (Isn't that a cool name?) for those of us who just want to know the temperature for the next seven days. It puts in laymen terms what's really going on outside—"It's Sunny & 85º"—with cute matching images that even the most unweathered forecast reader can understand. The app matches your GPS signal so you can know what Mother Nature has in store without typing in the city — so even if you're in the flippin' Everglades you can still get the deets. And, if you're someplace (a.k.a. not the US) that uses the Celsius scale, you can still easily switch the numbers into the more understandable Fahrenheit without having to do any math.
This gorgeous and functional app promises to "complement your life, not complicate it" with its good, go-to design. It's available for $1 and will at least provide a little comfort when you look ahead to our water-logged days. (Cool Hunting)

Photo: Courtesy of iTunes

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