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Every woman has that one piece — or two or three — that she relies on to get through the week. Sometimes they're comfort clothes (that pair of worn-in jeans that somehow never comes off Saturday to Sunday), and sometimes they're luxe (like a pair of leather pants that brings an unexpected edge to office dressing). Which is what makes these pieces so great: No matter how basic or outré a gal's everyday staple, it's always unique and personal.
So, we asked three Refinery29 staffers to pick items from Nordstrom Rack that define their work and weekend styles. From a red cashmere sweater that lays an unexpected foundation, to a spiked necklace that makes a plain, professional sheath sing, check out the styles we look forward to wearing every day of the week.
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Gabrielle Korn, Beauty Editor
Her Work Staple: The Spiky Necklace

"Since I started working on Refinery29's beauty team [a year and a half ago], I feel like my clothes have become more minimal and my makeup has become less minimal. So, more bright lipstick and more black clothing.

"I'm sitting down at a desk all day, so I have to be comfortable. I also have a really long commute — a 20-minute walk to the subway and then an hour on the train. So, if my outfit's not good for schlepping, it's not going to work. I can't wear skinny jeans to work anymore! I've been wearing a lot of flowy pants and dresses — I love this black one because it's so swingy."
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"This spiky necklace is pretty ferocious. I'm a sucker for anything with spikes, and this kind of chunky, punk-inspired necklace is a great way to take a classic outfit (black dress, black shoes) and make it feel a little edgier, a little more interesting. I think it's just a matter of being open to making a statement. Don't be afraid to wear something that's going to be really noticeable. It's okay if it's loud; you just have to like it."

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Her Weekend Staple: The Basic Beanie

"I love a good beanie. I have, like, 10 of them. I'll wear my beanie all day — inside, too. I don't mess around!

"You can be really dressed up and then put a beanie hat on, and it just makes [your outfit] cooler, less intentional. I also buy men's beanies, so they're a little slouchy. Wearing them looser also helps with hat head!"
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"The main thing I've learned from having pastel hair is that it looks amazing with neutrals — black, brown, gray, taupe situations. I wouldn't wear a bright color beanie with this hair, but it looks so cool with understated hues. I would wear bright lipstick, though, to make it my own."

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Sharon Yi, Senior Editor, Brand Experiences
Her Work Staple: The Block-Heel Bootie

"My work look is typically see-through blouses with dresses layered on top or just paired with a high-waisted skirt. And, I basically live in black boots through winter, since they go with everything and don't get totally destroyed on the dirty, snowy streets. Black also keeps the boots looking sophisticated, so I feel like I don't have to change out of them once I'm at work."
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"Isn't this pair great? I love the metal lining on the heel. I'm really into two-toned boots this year, like mixing leather with suede or playing with striking zippers. I can style these with everything. These just 'werk.'"

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Her Weekend Staple: The Bright Cashmere

"I'm from Los Angeles, and I strictly wore flowy dresses and heels year-round. I had a hippie, laid-back, girly look — and I NEVER wore sneakers. Ever. I don't think I even owned a pair.

"I've been in New York for nearly two years now, and it's changed me. I couldn't get away with wearing bare-legged dresses in the fall, so I started to wear more skinnies and sweaters. My heels were swapped with my first-ever Nike sneaks and boots, and I started to wear a LOT of black coats."
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"I love wearing sweaters because it's the easiest cop-out to fall dressing. Pull it over a dress, wear it with jeans or shorts, or layer it with a button-up — the possibilities are truly endless. You can put it to work, so the investment is worth it — especially if it's cashmere."

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Emily Holland, Styling Director
Her Work Staple: The Leather Pant

"There are no requirements for dressing at Refinery29 — I wear trousers and jeans a lot. It's all about comfort. These leather pants have a bit more polish, but leather can always get a little risqué, so it's important to keep that in mind. Make sure your top is a bit more conservative — nothing short and tight. This sweater's loose fit and lighter colors makes the look suitable for the office — and it takes these skinny black leather pants and heels from night to day."
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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"My day look is quite minimal and casual. Carrying a clutch elevates my look just a touch while keeping it easy."

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
Her Weekend Staple: The Fuzzy Cropped Sweater

"My weekend look is very comfy casual. I rely on old jeans and casual shoes, but I still love to layer and play with different silhouettes.

"I began thrifting when I went to art school in L.A., and I still love it for the unexpected and lived-in treasures I find. Each piece tells a story — whether it points to a decade or an occasion — I love taking that story and incorporating it in my own wardrobe. These baggy jeans I'm wearing, for example, are inspired by the denim I tend to seek out on my thrifting adventures, and the comfy sweater has that lived-in, cozy vibe of a special hand-me-down."

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Photographed by Sam Nixon.
"For someone just starting to experiment with the cropped sweater trend, I think keeping it in a neutral color is always helpful. Pair it with something casual that you feel comfortable in: a tennis shoe or loafer and jeans. If the rest of your outfit is something that you would wear on a regular basis, then one new element would be less scary and uncomfortable."

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