6 Trends That Totally Work At Work

No matter how relaxed your work environment — even at R29, where sneakers and denim are de rigueur — the question of what to wear to the office can sometimes cause as much anxiety as work itself. An outfit that expresses confidence, looks professional, feels comfortable, and is true to your unique style can seem impossible to whip up. But, with a few key pieces, you can turn the daily grind into a daily catwalk (well, more like a street style opp on the way to the subway).
So, we asked three stylish R29ers — who all have different jobs and go-to office uniforms — for their tips for mastering the perfect work ensemble. From a stylish coat that carries our assistant market editor through a day of appointments all over town, to a bold bag that adds some flair to our associate producer's neutral ensemble, these six pieces will make Monday mornings actually something to look forward to.

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