How Fashion People Prevent Frostbite

We can’t say we’ve never sacrificed some comfort/warmth for the sake of fashion. We love our own personal style, and sometimes we tell ourselves tiny little fibs that make a denim jacket and beanie seem appropriate to wear on a 30-degree day. Sometimes, we even convince ourselves it's okay to sport Margiela plexiglass heels during a blizzard because it’s Fashion Week [Editor's note: True story]. Sure, we survived these situations, but let us tell you they were far from the best ideas.
Instead of following in our fashion-frozen footsteps, allow us to give you 30 different ideas — ones that are weather-appropriate, will keep you warm and dry, and won’t have you fearing a terrible spill because your slippery soles aren’t meant for wading through slush. Nevertheless, these outfits have all been curated by our fellow fashion insiders. In other words: No one will ever ask if your winter-style inspiration is the Michelin Man.
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A whimsical print in a small dose does wonders on a dreary day.
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Limp, saggy, sad hoods need not apply.
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Double the print and double the warmth.
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You don't have to wrap up your oversized scarf — let it hang. It's even better than another printed sweater in your cold-weather arsenal.
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Forget matching your shoes to your bag; try matching your boots to your hat.
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Find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.
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Colorblock your neutrals for an effect that's chic and makes an impact.
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A leather detail makes any piece of outerwear instantly cooler.
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Up to your eyes in soft layers? Great; you're doing it right.
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Trade in a traditional, black topper for a can't-miss-me pastel shade.
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Consider making a statement with a super-toasty set of colorful ski gloves.
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Camo is a lot less camo when it's in a winter wonderland. Choose to stand out with a super-insulated jacket in the iconic print.
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Photo: Via @hauteinhabit.
Layer to your heart's content, but keep it monochromatic.
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Photo: Via @itsmekellieb.
Choose a beanie with a playful personality.
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Photo: Via @annabelrosendahl.
Wrap yourself up in an oversized coat and tie it all together with a dainty ribbon belt.
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Lipstick won't make you any warmer, but it will bring out the color of your fuzzy coat.
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Same thing goes for bold sunnies.
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Photo: Via @miraduma.
Channel your babushka with a beautifully printed headscarf.
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Photo: Via @margieplus.
Shirts tied around the waist are not only a '90s-inspired classic; they're an easy way to carry around a spare layer of clothing.
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Photo: Via @rumineely.
Keep warm in a wool baseball cap; it also mixes some athleisure into your look.
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Photo: Via @le21eme.
One light-but-massively-oversized coat in a graphic print coat allows other jackets and knits to hide beneath.
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Photo: Via @smashleybell.
A dash of leopard will go a long way.
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Photo: Via @feralcreatures.
Earmuffs are great. Cat-earmuffs are even better.
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Photo: Via @weworewhat.
Mix textures of all different kinds for a snow-day look that's truly multidimensional.
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Photo: Via @prettyslickchick.
Your favorite printed throw can double as the coziest scarf ever.
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Photo: Via @somewherelately.
Or, just wear it like the blanket that it is.
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Photo: Via @seaofshoes.
Recreate this by pairing luxe faux fur with a classic, everyday plaid wrap.
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Photo: Via @erikamyfreechoice.
Oversized hats and scarves juxtapose nicely against a fitted puffer.
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Photo: Via @lisadengler.
If you're bundled up so tight you can't throw a peace sign, reconsider.
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The three things you need for a fashionable ski weekend? Cool specs, a statement coat, and choice buds.

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