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Pretty Winter Makeup To Distract Us From The Impending Cold

Thanks to the lingering chills we're experiencing from last year's polar vortex, we're about to go into full-on survivalist mode. And, we're not just stockpiling cashmere sweaters and rechargeable hand warmers. If there's one thing that could help us look on the bright side when it comes to the darker days ahead, it's all the new makeup we'll be playing with. After all, we're going to have to keep ourselves busy when we're snowed in — it might as well be with things that sparkle and shimmer.
But, winter makeup isn't just about prettifying ourselves. Our skin needs more — way, way more — nourishment and moisture once the temps drop. Those matte lipsticks and powder-finish foundations may not cut it anymore. So, these days, we're all about gorgeous and skin-friendly finds.
Ahead, our favorite winter beauty picks. Let us know what you'll be stocking up on.