How To Get The Smoothest Legs, Ever

Winter is not exactly beauty's best friend. One of the only beauty bonuses courtesy of chilly weather: less-frequent shaving, for those of us who choose to do so at all. We've stowed away our skirts and shorts in favor of pants and leggings, so most days, a “What’s the point?” attitude makes total sense.
Another obstacle in the mix: It feels like hair grows faster (and longer). Although there’s no conclusive scientific evidence to explain this phenomenon, hormonal changes due to seasonal affective disorder or fluctuations in melatonin levels may be to blame. The most likely reason: “Body hair can feel longer during winter simply because of being cold and having goose bumps,” says Jennifer Chwalek, MD, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City.
What does this all mean for your razor? That shave you occasionally indulge in better be good. Follow these simple steps for before, during, and after shaving for some seriously smooth gams.

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