Not Your Ordinary Winged Liner

produced by Emily Curl; modeled by Tiffani-Amber Warkenthien.
Time to make that bold winged liner 3-D with some rhinestones! With this surprisingly simple look (no, really — it's easy) you can make any old day a little bit more fun. This glint of sparkle is the perfect way to bring out your eyes (and your personality) and live your best life. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to complete this look yourself.
Tip: Works best alongside a thick and exaggerated winged eyeliner look.
Step 1. With tweezers, dip each gemstone into eyelash glue. Following the adhesive's instructions, give it enough time to set and become tacky before placing on your skin.
Step 2. Gently place the first stone on the outer corner of your eye, right in the center of the flick. Repeat on the other side.
Step 3. Repeat step two, only this time placing the gems on the inner corners of each eye, taking care not to apply too close to your lashline.

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