I Spent A Day As A Winemaker — & It Was Way Harder Than It Sounds

If you're anything like me, you're basically down for wine in each of its glorious forms — from those category-defying rosé-flavored donuts to a casual splash of rich, wintery red. But even though I'd like to think I'm a Sauvignon-sampling pro, I wanted to see exactly how everyone's favorite "adulting" drink transforms from grape to (brimming) glass. That's why I headed off to Long Island's gorgeous Wölffer Estates Vineyard — a coveted destination for wine-tasters, famous for its luxurious Summer In A Bottle rosé. And even though the season for pink sipping is technically already over, who's to say that we can't keep the spirit of "rosé all day" alive, even in December?
Watch the episode of Lucie For Hire above to catch the entire, daunting process. Spoiler: if drinking wine sometimes feels a little too easy, making it is a marvel of technical precision. First, I picked and taste-tested the grapes, which might sound decadent, but, according to Wölffer expert Roman Roth, is actually all about harvesting with speed. Next, the bunches are de-stemmed and crushed, producing a raw, electric red juice that tastes just as delicious as it sounds. Of course, no trip to a vineyard would be complete without a classic grape stomp — just like on I Love Lucy — even if the old-school technique isn't widely used anymore. After all, how else does a winemaker really prove her expertise without taking the plunge? Though it was definitely colder and squishier than I'd expected.
Press play to see how my very own Wölffer Estates rosé ultimately turned out. You'll be surprised by the incredible artistry and expertise that have perfected this ancient process. I'm warning you: cravings for a sip or two will absolutely follow.

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