3 Party-Approved DIYs To Spruce Up Your Wine Glasses

The only thing worse than realizing the glass of vino you just drank from isn't yours? Having your own glass then fall victim to the same dreaded plight. To avoid this common party faux pas altogether, we teamed up with Smirnoff to craft three cute, easy DIYs that'll help guests ID their glasses in a crowd. Press play to see how to add a little charm to your stemware, too.
Recycled Paper Rings
Decorative scrap paper
1. Using the bottom of a wine glass, trace circles onto various pieces of scrap paper.
2. Draw or trace smaller circles into the center of each circle.
3. Cut each large circle out, then create a slit to cut out each center circle.
4. Place paper rings on the base of each wine glass.
Chalkboard Painted Bottoms
Chalkboard paint
Assorted colored markers
1. Carefully coat the base of each wine glass with chalkboard paint.
2. Once fully dry, write a guest's name over the painted base of each glass using various colored markers.
Wine Cork Pendants
Assorted corks
Letter stamps
Stamp pad
Small eye hooks
Ribbon or twine
1. Place corks in boiling water and cover. Using tongs, remove corks once soft, about 2-3 minutes.
2. On a cutting board, slice each cork into fourths.
3. Paint the flat side of each cork.
4. Once dry, stamp an initial onto each painted cork.
5. Screw eye hooks into each cork.
6. Attach ribbon, then tie one charm onto the base of each wine glass.

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