Window Shopper: Red Baggy Trousers At Pixie Market


There's not much we don't love about Pixie Market—it's one of those stores that's very, very, very hard to walk out without a shopping bag. So while we try and keep our visits to a minimum, whenever we hit the LES, it calls to us like a stylish siren. The raddest recent arrival? These tomato-red baggy trousers. They've got a tapered leg that's easy to roll up, front and back pockets, and belt loops crying out for a beat-up, skinny belt. And, at just $92, they're an obsession that won't empty the bank. Damn! Pixie Market got us again.

Red Baggy Trousers, $92, available at Pixie Market, 100 Stanton Street (between Orchard & Ludlow streets); 212-253-0953

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