Wildfang Can Hardly Keep This Blazer In Stock

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You've got the white blouse, the high-waisted jeans, the black trouser, and the perfect white T-shirt. But before you kick your feet up thinking your wardrobe essentials are sorted, have you considered the velvet blazer? Before you write it off as just another trend that'll go in and out of your closet at lightning speed, consider the fact that Wildfang has restocked — and sold out of — its velvet blazer twice already.
And, we can see why. This is the kind of piece you can wear well beyond party season, and it's on-sale for under-$100. You've probably heard the saying not to buy anything unless you can picture yourself wearing it three different ways — and, well, this fancied-up blazer will look just as good with a pair of oversized trousers as it will with a midi-length floral dress or a pair of vintage Levi's. See, that was easy.