4 Easy Tricks To Upgrade Your Beauty Look

Some days, you wake up feeling like it's any other day. You go about your usual beauty look, whether it's glowing cheeks or a textbook cat-eye, without a second thought. Other days, you feel a little daring and take the extra time to contour or embrace a bold lip color. But how exactly do you give your tried-and-true routine a jolt of fresh inspiration? The trick is to start in your comfort zone and build on basics.
With the help of makeup artist Ralph Siciliano, we took four everyday beauty looks and turned up the dial from 0 to 60, transforming each mild look into something wild. We're talking about a highlighter-bright double cat-eye, vinyl-finish lips, and more. From Siciliano's easy-to-follow steps to his mix of high-low products — like drugstore brushes from Wet n Wild and department-store eyeliners — these looks are not only wearable but also simple to DIY. So what's it going to be tomorrow: same ol' or super-bold?

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