WHY? Lines In Front Of The Ugg Store Lead To “Shear” Confusion

You know how we feel about Uggs, but, despite our better advice, people swarm to the suede-and-shearling moon boots like they're uhh... going out of style? Even so, standing in line to purchase a product that's available pretty much everywhere else (department stores and your tween sister's closet, to name a few) seems a bit extreme. We guess, though, the Ugg flagship (located on 58th Street and Madison Avenue, not that you're curious) offers an opportunity to outfit yourself in warming comfort from head to your elephant toes—and the lines of eager shoppers prove this fad ain't going no where. Alas, just 'round the corner, hordes of tourists are shuffling back-and-forth to get their photo-op with one of the shirtless models (errr, store clerks) at Abercrombie. Someone please explain to us— why? (The Shophound)

Photo: Via The Shophound.