5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 12 2012

The Hills star Whitney Port, who just showed her first collection at NYFW, is creating... another clothing line. This one will be budget-friendly and include a black catsuit, amongst other things. Because even those of us with tight budgets need to get our catsuits somehow. (People)
Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill had shared a nice little slow dance the other night at the Fun Fearless Awards. Do we see Dancing With The Stars in their future? (NY Post)
Take a peep inside Tommy and Dee Hilfiger's Manhattan abode, but only if you want to spend the next hour thinking about how tiny and pathetic your apartment is in comparison. (Huffington Post)
"Paula Deen" drops by SNL to talk about her diagnosis of "the sugars." FYI, watching someone lick a stick of butter is as disgusting as it sounds. (Jezebel)
We don't know if we're sad to hear that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes might be on the rocks, or happy that he might be single again soon. Just sayin', call us maybe? (Perez Hilton)

Photo: Via People