Sparkly White Makeup To Make This Blizzard Less Terrible

Baby, it's cold outside potentially the end of the world. Sorry-not-sorry for having strong feelings about the blizzard that's currently tormenting New York City. We're just over it. Mondays are already pretty depressing without frozen chunks of terribleness falling in our faces, making us all look like bedraggled kittens.
Since we're clearly in a hole of negativity, we've decided we need to remind ourselves that sometimes, for some people somewhere, snow can maybe be pretty. So, we're trying to channel that point in our lives when snow was sparkly and white and meant joy rather than extreme inconvenience. What better way to do that than with sparkly white makeup?
Click through for the prettiest blizzard-inspired goodies that are way more pleasant than actually standing in a blizzard. But, who knows? Maybe if we stare at the flakes long enough, we can trick ourselves into thinking we like snow again.

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