You’re Definitely Not Throwing Away Your Tools Often Enough

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
One day, I stepped into my shower and found my roommate's orange loofah speckled with mold. Somehow, she did not notice this, but I did — and I shuddered to think how long she'd been rubbing it on her body like that. Needless to say, into the garbage it went.
It turns out, a whole year had passed since that loofah had been changed. Way too long. Still, it's tricky to know what the expiration date is on a tool that doesn't come with one, so I reached out to the experts. Ahead, the not-so-pretty truths about the everyday items in your bathroom that are collecting more bacteria, mold, and fungus than you'd like to believe. If you need inspiration to do some pre-winter cleaning and start fresh, this is it.

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