You’re Definitely Not Throwing Away Your Tools Often Enough

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
One day, I stepped into my shower and found my roommate's orange loofah speckled with mould. Somehow, she did not notice this, but I did — and I shuddered to think how long she'd been rubbing it on her body like that. Needless to say, into the garbage it went.
It turns out, a whole year had passed since that loofah had been changed. Way too long. Still, it's tricky to know what the expiration date is on a tool that doesn't come with one, so I reached out to the experts. Ahead, the not-so-pretty truths about the everyday items in your bathroom that are collecting more bacteria, mould, and fungus than you'd like to believe. If you need an incentive to do some pre-winter cleaning and start fresh, this is it.

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