Forget Sh*t People In L.A. Say, THIS Is Your Go-To Tumblr For A Lala Laugh-athon

Whack things go down daily in L.A. — and really, nobody who's not an Angeleno could possibly understand. Like when the LAPD 'copters circle above your home at an ungodly hour, and you're ready to rip your hair out. Or, what about when your bestie requests a ride to LAX in the height of rush hour?
Sometimes there simply aren't enough adjectives, nouns, or well, expletives in the dictionary to depict the thoughts racing through your head at those moments. And as we've found in the past, when words fail you, animated GIFs seem to do the descriptive trick.
Case in point: We found a Tumblr that has a giggle-worthy grasp on the struggles and triumphs of our fair city. #WheninLA offers up a hilarious, animated take on everything from the pain felt on the first day back at the office after Coachella to what happens when you're clearly holding your cell on the freeway and a cop pulls up (see the below Fresh Prince reference). Dig through this digital diary for your daily diversion, and let us know below what other City of Angel situations you've found yourself in that are deserving of a nod on this blog!
Photo: Via #WheninLA

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