When Donatella Met Betty White, Trump University Sucks, And Anna Hangs Out With Diddy

We're not sure what caption to insert here, but we're hoping this meet'n'greet ends up with Betty White front row at Donatella Versace's show. (Daily Front Row)
Donald Trump's University non-surprisingly has more than one unsatisfied, er, alum. We're still not sure who'd be dumb enough to enroll!? (Gothamist)
Anna Wintour got dragged into a DJ booth by Diddy (or Puffy, or Sean Combs, or P. Diddy). What they said to each other we'll never know. (NY Post)
How to use Google Maps to do almost anything in NYC. We're fans of the city-bird fauna function. (Animal New York)
Soooo, after the Met Ball, will people actually shop at the Gap? Patrick Robinson certainly hopes so. (The Cut)

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