What We're Wearing: Preetma's Thanksgiving eBay Score

Preetma Singh, Editorial Intern
What I'm wearing: Vintage tweed wool cape from eBay (I went on a bit of a rampage over Thanksgiving—oops), burgundy J. Crew cardigan, dress from Urban Outfitters, Cole Haan boots, and a Balenciaga bag I scored for 80% off at Barneys.
My beauty look du jour: Since my dress is very Proenza fall '10-inspired, I went with a deep berry lip (mixing YSL Rouge Pure Shine lipstick in blackberry and Gloss Pur in black). I tried to keep everything else simple, just some mascara and a bit of Tarte cheek stain to balance it out. I usually don't wear very much makeup because I always end up looking like a scary clown by the end of the day if I do!
What's on my iTunes: I'm in-between personal musical devices (I'm finally consolidating everything on my phone, although I haven't quite gotten around to it), but I've definitely been into a serious '90s revival for the past few months—which means lots of vintage Soundgarden! Also really like the new Salem and Belle and Sebastian records.
What's on my to-do list: Organizing my closet (to say it's a disaster would be an understatement), learning the ropes at Refinery since I just started, finding the perfect gifts for everyone, and re-reading my favorite novels I found at my parent's house over Thanksgiving.

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