What We're Wearing: Kate's Inadvertent H&M Score

Kate Mulling, L.A. Editor
What I'm wearing: "I stopped by my local H&M for Lanvin goodies at 10 am last Saturday and it was all gone...literally not a piece left in the store, so I picked up this dress instead. I'm also wearing my ultimate favorite Isabel Marant jacket, and Zara shoes that remind me of a pair of Celine wedges I wanted, but couldn't find in my size anywhere in L.A. And the bag is 3.1 Phillip Lim, which I got at our big FNO bash in September and wear much too much."  
My beauty look du jour: 
"I usually wear red or pink lipstick but my newest obsession is La Prairie's Cellular Luxe Lip treatment. It has SPF 15 and leaves your lips looking plump and smooth and totally natural--it's perfect for a lipstick addict's day off. I've also been trying out different hair oils that I'm researching for a story, so my hair is thankfully looking smooth and flyaway free today."  
What's on my iTunes:
"The new Taylor Swift and Kanye West."  
What's on my to-do list: "One million things. Finding the perfect holiday presents for my niece and nephews is #1 and then organizing our next My Style shoot--we've got so many great people on the list, I can't wait for everyone to see what we have planned."

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