What We're Wearing: Christene Goes Ga Ga Over Lim

Christene Barberich, Editor in Chief
What You're Wearing: "Vintage riding coat, vintage "Kelly" bag, Alex Wang trench coat, Karen Walker sunglasses."
Favorite Fashion Week Moment: "This very day, this very moment, the 3.1 Phillip Lim show. It's always my favorite and this time around was no different."
How You'll Unwind After The Week: "Getting a 5-hour massage (okay, 1-hour) on Friday night, sleeping late on Saturday morning, then making organic buckwheat pancakes with fresh blueberries...I can't wait."
One Thing You Would Have Liked To Steal From The Runway: "The entire Karen Walker collection, including shoes, and the gowns at Phillip Lim...they were a vision."

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