Break Up With Your Black Leggings — Now

Leggings get a bad rap: Unless you're in head-to-toe fitness gear, you may be met with some side-eye when you wear them in real life (not just during your Netflix binges). But, really, who can resist their flexibility and comfort? We, clearly, cannot. Sure, you can try to pass them off as pants. But, when you're wearing them out and proud, you have two options: Keep it simple with a plain, black pair — or go loud. Guess which one we're backing?
Despite their notoriety, leggings abound in a wide spectrum of styles. For every dizzying, geometric print, there's an understated, lace version. As temperatures plummet (along with our willingness to put effort into our outfits) let your legwear do the work for you. Whether you hide them under your wide-leg trousers as an extra, toasty layer or simply like to sport 'em around your living room, we found six wild leggings that'll brighten up even the bleakest seeming winter day.