What To Wear When You're On The Go ALL Day

Not just any old outfit makes the cut when you know you’re going to be running around all day — the layers, the footwear, and the bag of choice can all make the difference between contentment and misery when you’re trying to get things done. Example: If anything can teach you that comfort is key, it’s Fashion Week. Many an attendee will probably have at least one tale of a total fashion disaster. Oh, those Sophia Webster heels that were so street-style worthy, you just had to wear them? Probably not the best idea when you’re (quite literally) running from show to show.

But even when you know that it's going to be a long time before you and your bed are reacquainted, it doesn’t mean that sneakers and a tracksuit are your only option. There are plenty of ways to dress comfortably without having people think you’re en route to the gym. From fashion-forward carry-all bags to low heels that are actually walk-around-in-able, click ahead for six no-fail outfit ideas for those never-ending days (Fashion Week or otherwise). Here, the must-have items for busy, busy girls.
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The Cool, Catch-All Duffel
Hitting the gym before work? First, we applaud you. Second, it’s time to swap your utilitarian gym bag for one that’s actually cool enough to carry around all day, and this metallic item makes the cut. It's even more versatile than meets the eye — its origami-inspired design means you can carry it a number of ways, depending on what you're hauling around. Keep the rest of your look simple, polished, and super-comfy. A matching tunic set, slip-on sneakers, and minimal jewelry are all you need.

Bandier Bag.
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The Hands-Free Crossbody
The less you carry when you’re on the run the better, and this bright, hands-free crossbody bag is the perfect size for just the essentials. Pair it with a throw-on-and-go shirtdress, a chunky heel with sturdy soles, and punch it up with a sheer sock to look that much more put-together. With an outfit this easy, you’re ready for whatever the day ahead might throw at you. Hailing cabs, picking up laundry, back-to-back meetings — ain’t no thing.
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The Fashion-Girl Sneaker
Even if you're not literally "running" errands, a cute pair of sneakers is a must-have for your busiest days. Pair with a classic button-up, denim culottes, and an edgy satchel to camouflage all of the odds and ends you collect throughout the day. Top it off with accessories that shift you into full speed, like a spring-inspired ring or slick baseball cap.
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The Pain-Free Heels
When you're not sure when your day will actually end, you probably disregard the thought of wearing heels altogether. But comfortable, long-wear heels do exist — you just have to know what to look for. This low, chunky heel with ankle support won’t torture your feet, and matches well with an easy pair of culottes (that look like a skirt), simple top, and chic backpack. You can look professional without limping around come 4 p.m.
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The Formal Joggers
We’re going to let you in on a little fashion-girl secret: Whenever we feel like wearing sweatpants, we just put on these magical things called “joggers,” which are basically fashion’s excuse for pajama pants. They’re just as comfortable as the ones you lounge around the house in, but they actually look like you tried a little. Wear with a bright-colored tee, classic denim jacket, and a reliable pair of flat sandals to give the impression that you can successfully be in two places at once.
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The Ready-For-Anything Outerwear
Doesn’t it seem like it only rains when you forget your umbrella? If you’re not sure of what kind of weather lies ahead, throw on this practical but futuristic anorak and you’ll be ready for anything. Bonus: You can skip the bag — its pockets are big enough for your keys, wallet, and phone. Or opt for a small leather pouch to house your essentials. Keep it from looking too much like you just rolled in from a rave with some cute jeans, a striped top, and your go-to white sneaker.

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