5 Perfect Ways To Spend A Day With Yourself In NYC

It was the best date I’d been on in forever: Thai food with a side of Vanity Fair at Lan Larb, followed by consignment shopping at INA, a 60-minute massage at Soho Sanctuary, and a red velvet Georgetown Cupcake for the road (fine, a dozen red velvet cupcakes for the road — they freeze so well!). See, I know how to treat a woman. As long as that woman is me.       
My impromptu date with myself was glorious and necessary, and not just for superficial reasons. As I moved through the city at my own speed, with my iPhone (mostly) tucked away in my bag, I was able to breathe, think, not-think — to wander the streets with the wonder and enthusiasm that lured me to New York in the first place. And, it's about time you did the same.     
Need a moment (or day) to take a step back and reflect? Here, find five itineraries to mend whatever ailment you're dealing with. Get ready for a delightful and restorative day with the perfect date: yourself.