When Beauty Doesn’t Equal Feeling Beautiful

When we talk about the word beauty, it's typically in relation to the products and hairstyles we use to put our best face forward. It could be a lipstick, your favorite salt spray, or the brow pencil to end all brow pencils. But, say the word beautiful and people don't necessarily think of products. In fact, they often don't think of things that relate to your appearance at all.
At least those were the findings of a survey conducted by eBay Fashion. Armed with a camera, a team set out to ask people, "What makes you feel beautiful?" And, while some folks replied that a good haircut, a great shade of lipstick, or their favorite clothes filled them with beautiful feelings, they were in the minority.
Instead, people shared a whole range of things that made them feel beautiful. For one girl, that's brought about by spending time doing what she wants to do. An older man said it was his wife. And, plenty of people answered that just smiling and laughing made them feel beautiful. The responses were so widespread that it speaks to a larger concept: While most of us may rely on products to make us look beautiful, the large majority of us don't expect them to make us feel that way. Rather, it's our experiences that fuel our pretty feelings.
Click through to see a sampling of the responses, and then check out eBay Fashion's flipbook of all of the answers. Then come back and let us know: What makes you feel beautiful?

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