Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Curved Penises

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
Everyone’s body is different. As we all know, people come in different heights, weights, shapes, and sizes. For people with vaginas, there’s a wide range of what labia can look like, and it’s totally normal for one breast to be bigger than the other. And for people with penises, an erection might not be a straight line. Yes, folks, we're talking about curved penises here.
According to the Mayo Clinic, some people “have a penis that curves to the side, upward or downward when erect. This is common, and a bent penis in most men isn't a problem.” A bent penis occurs when, during an erection, the spongelike spaces inside the penis expand unevenly. “Most often, this is due to normal differences in penis anatomy, but sometimes scar tissue or another problem causes a bent penis and painful erections,” according to the Mayo Clinic.
Generally, a curved penis is only a problem if it causes pain during an erection or makes sex difficult, in which case it might indicate an injury or of Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease occurs when fibrous scar tissue develops in the penis, and it can sometimes lead to painful erections or erectile dysfunction. Doctors often take a “wait and see” approach for Peyronie's, and generally advise against treatment unless it's seriously impacting a person's life negatively. But if it's necessary, Peyronie's disease can be treated with medication or surgery.
If you think you might have Peyronie’s disease or a penile injury, or your penis has suddenly gone from being straight to being curved, head to a doctor to get things checked out. If the bent penis isn’t causing pain, though, it’s a good idea to just embrace it. Curved penises are very common and don’t require treatment.
Most people who have sex with people with penises don’t care about the curve of the penis, but some prefer a curved penis, saying it offers better G-spot stimulation. There’s definitely a market for curved dildos, after all. “[A curved penis is] like any other penis, [and it] might even hit a better spot,” as one Redditor wrote. “Don’t worry, no penis is alike.”

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