Wet For Her’s Queer-Friendly Sex Toys Are Up To 60% Off For Valentine’s Day

Learning how to have sex with a partner is always a new fun challenge, but it can be more difficult for queer people — especially if they both have vaginas. When we think of sex, we tend to think of it as penetration only (which it's not, but that's a convo for a different day). Simply put, vaginas can't penetrate on their own, which is why many wlw couples will seek out sex toys and accessories to help get the job done. But it can be hard to trust any old dildo out there, given that most sex toys are not created with queer couples in mind. (In fact, the one time I asked a salesperson for help, they gave me recommendations for pegging—not what I was looking for!) Browsing on your own isn't necessarily easier — there are more strap-on variations than shapes, sizes, and colors of dicks. Which is why I've never been more grateful than the day I learned about Wet For Her, a whole line of sex toys specifically created for the lesbian-trans-bi-queer community, crafted by lesbians.

The highly acclaimed retailer's array of strap-ons, double-dildos, harnesses, and vibrators are created with LGBTQ+ users in mind, making them hugely popular in a community too often ignored by legacy sex toy companies. Though the sexual pleasure industry is inundated with products for women, Wet For Her's CEO Alice Derock felt that queer women were being left out of the conversation. And though Wet For Her was originally created by lesbians for lesbians, the mission and the toys don't discriminate. The brand believes in the power of inclusion and aims to make sex toys that celebrate a diverse range of bodies, genders, and sexual orientations. If that's not enough to celebrate, how about this? Wet For Her is taking up to 60% off its best-selling lesbian sex toys in honor of Valentine's Day. Below, check out the 3 top-rated lesbian sex toys you need to add to your collection while supplies last.
If you just did a doubletake, you're not alone. In all my years of having queer sex, I had never seen a vibrator specifically made with scissoring in mind. So it's no surprise that the RockHer has become a must-have for scissoring deniers everywhere. It's true—many couples do not enjoy or partaking in tribbing because of its inability to deliver enough pleasure (I've even heard it referred to as a myth or urban legend among queer friends). But this versatile vibrator changes that completely. While scissoring often leaves a gap between two clitorises, the RockHer makes sure both partners receive all the pleasure they want from any position. The intuitive, ten-intensity vibrator can be inserted into the vagina via its bulbous end and deliver vibrations to your clit with an external ring vibrator that helps spread your labia for maximum stimulation.

Created specifically with vulva-to-vulva action in mind, it's grinding-friendly and totally hands-free, making scissoring not only not a myth but also simple and satisfying. It's waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a handy dandy remote, so you can even hand off the controls to your partner mid-session.

If you're not into scissoring, don't worry. You can still try out this hella-powerful sex toy. It's essentially a G-spot vibe in a different configuration and is just as pleasurable to use solo as with a partner.

Fusion Pleasure Base Strap-On Sex Toy, $65.95 $59.35

Looking to build yourself a strap-on? Start with the Fusion Pleasure Base. The mid-sized dildo is non-realistic, perfect for someone who might not want to think about gender or genitalia during sex, and it is made from silky-soft medical-grade silicone for a real-touch feel. What makes this dildo special, though, is its unique ergonomic base that enables the wearer to receive clitoral stimulation during play, meaning you can get yours while you give it (because we all deserve simultaneous pleasure, okay?!). It also comes in a funky pride pattern as well as plain black and is compatible with all of Wet For Her's harnesses.
The last lesbian-sex toy essential out there: a good harness. When you're about to get down to it, the last thing you want to be dealing with is figuring out the bells and whistles of tightening confusing straps, making sure things stay in place, etc. Luckily, all of Wet For Hers' harnesses are simple as pulling them on like your usual panties and placing your chosen toy through the easy-to-load 'O' ring. I'm partial to full butt coverage, so I was thrilled to see a brief option that ranges from sizes XS to 5XL, to include a wide range of body shapes and sizes (which suits my partner and me perfectly). They're also soft, stretchy, and ultra-comfortable — the 95% cotton/5% spandex fabric blend makes them breathable enough when things get sweaty, too (because sex is a real workout!). Lastly, they're compatible with all dildos sold at Wet For Her, but also any dildos that range from 1-1.75" wide, so there's no pressure to buy a matching one if you already have a favorite.

Along with briefs, the harnesses are also available in boxer, boy cut, and jock-strap styles, as well and packer-specific styles. We stan.
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