The 10 Weird Relatives You Have

Tolstoy got it wrong. All families are in fact alike — happy or unhappy — especially on Thanksgiving. Whether you're going for the Turducken today, a gluten-free vegan-turkey substitute, or Chinese food, if your relatives are involved, chances are you'll be spending the day in an intricate, confusing, entertaining, awesome dance of "Hanging Out With the Relatives."
To help you get through your day with plenty of laughs (and only a bit of mortification), we enlisted Joana Avillez to help us celebrate the 10 weird relatives that make the upcoming family time the most memorable part of the year. From your dear, old boozehound granny to your cousin's new girlfriend who doesn't really know anyone (but is really making! The! Effort!), we've drawn out the main players surrounding this evening's dinner table. How many do you recognize?

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