We Seriously DON'T Get These 26 Beauty Products

We do some pretty crazy things in order to look our best. And, these strange behaviors are typically coupled with even stranger products. From a rotating curling iron to a rubber face mask, all of these wacky wares have made their way into our beauty routine at some time or another. That said, there are some beauty inventions out there that we flat-out don't get — and that make us feel like we'll never stop laughing at their ridiculousness.

Whether it's poo drops so your sh*t don't stink, a facial-contouring device that looks like a sex toy, or reusable(!) fart-absorbing pads, some of the weirdest beauty products around are straight ahead. Hey...maybe you'll find something you never realized you needed before. You know, like pheromone-laced shaving cream.

Kayla Isaacs contributed reporting.
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Voya's seaweed bath actually sounds super relaxing and great for your skin — except for one little snag. A disclaimer on the box states that since it's made from real, dehydrated seaweed, tiny crustaceans may still be adhered to the plants. So, when they soak, you may get an unexpected fishy surprise along with you in the tub. Uhh...

Voya Lazy Day Soak, $32, available at Voya.
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Why spend a ton of money on regular hair dyes when you can pop a pill to banish those dreaded gray hairs? And, if you like these, perhaps we can interest you in this bottled fairy dust we have over here.

Life Vitality
Gray Hair Rescind Capsules, $12.95, available at Amazon.
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The Nu Face claims to give you a mini face-lift at home with the help of electric micro-currents. We've seen it in action, and we can tell you firsthand that it definitely works, but that didn't stop us from being seriously weirded out that we were repetitively zapping our face with electricity. Also, is it just us, or does this look like something you'd take to bed with you instead of something you'd rub on your face?

Nu Face Trinity Facial Toner, $325, available at Nu Face.
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It may seem super weird, but boob sweat is actually a thing a lot of us deal with. So, even though it's kind of marketed funny (fresh breasts, anyone?), we can see the benefit in this out-of-the-box tube.

Fresh Body Fresh Breasts, $12.99, available at Fresh Body.
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We're not sure what the weirdest part about these poo drops is: that they were released by beyond-chic beauty brand Aesop, that they were a collaboration with beyond-chic fashion brand A.P.C., or that they're poo drops...

Aesop Post-Poo Drops, $29, available at Aesop.
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Look, a shaving cream that's specially formulated for below-the-belt actually sounds like a good idea. But, Crazy Girl's version is infused with pheromones to help attract your lover. We're not ones to judge, but if you need pheromones to lure someone in once you've already stripped down, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Naked Shave Creme, $17, available at Crazy Girl.
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We all want smooth feet, right? Sure — but Baby Foot takes that a step further. You apply the pads, and then a few days later, the skin on your feet peels off in one sheet. Your feet molt. Do a Google search of this product and see the results — we dare you.

Baby Foot Easy Pack, $25, available at Dermstore.com.
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Not only is it a pad that absorbs the smell of your farts, but it's also reusable. Excuse us while we gag.

Flat-D Reusable Flatulence Deodorizer, $15.35, available at Flat-D Innovations.
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Hair dye! For your pubes! What will they think of next? And, also — why?

Fun Betty Color Kit, $14.99, available at Betty Beauty.
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A snail-slime face mask is supposed to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, but we totally get why some people may not be the biggest fans of this mask.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Mask, $6, available at Missha.
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We swear by the BeautyBlender, but do we really need to worship it on an elaborate, bejeweled throne? You decide.

BeautyBlender Bling Ring Kit, $29, available at Sephora.
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This Ring Pop- shaped contraption holds your polish for you while you paint your nails — in case you are painting your nails in space, for example.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, $9.99, available at Amazon.
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We have trouble with getting our cat eyes even, sure. But is a protractor really necessary?

Beth Bender Beauty
Eyeliner Stencils, $15.99, available at Beth Bender Beauty.
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Eye art reaches new levels thanks to these intricately-detailed animal print stick-ons.

ColorOn Professional Eye Shadow Eye Envy Exotic Kit, $9.57, available at Amazon.
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Well, at least this product is innovative. But do you really want a haircut from your vacuum?

RoboCut Bumblebee DIY Tool, $69.99, available at Haircut.com.
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We love the smell of bacon in the morning — but definitely not in the form of toothpaste.

Bacon Addicts
Triple Sampler Gift Pack, available at Amazon.
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A hands-free hair dryer — what could possibly go wrong?

Blo & Go Portable Hair Dryer Holder, $29.99, available at Amazon.
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Placenta hair masks definitely fall under the far, far "beyond" of Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Henna 'n' Placenta Dual-Action Conditioning Hair Treatment, $1.99, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
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Exercise caution when operating machinery this close to the eyeballs.

SpinLash Mascara, $22.83, available at Amazon.
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Wouldn't it be easier to just spritz on some perfume?

Deo Perfume Candy, $15.99, available at Amazon.
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Just when you thought the bizarre contouring trends were nearing an end...

Salon Spa Collection Bust Contouring Cream, $19.49, available at Amazon.
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You could spend $250 on a device that supposedly re-seals your split ends. Or, you know, just set aside $45 for a trim. Up to you.

Split-Ender Pro, $249.99, available at Split-Ender Pro.
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If you're tired of pencils, powders, mousses, and waxes, why not try a brow stamp? Perfect for your face and stationary.

Kiss i-Envy Brow Stamp, $8.99, available at Loco Beauty.
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We're a little wary using this terrifying, Jaws-like contraption near our eyes, TBH.

NiceShop Upper Lower Lash Mascara Applicator Guide Eyelash Comb, $1.99, available at Amazon.
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This is cream blush for your nipples and we wish we were making this shit up.

Pinky Queen Top Pack Skin Powder, $41, available at Japan Trend Shop.
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Of all the things to worry about, we're putting dark armpits at the very bottom of the list.

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream, $44.80, available at eBay.
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