We Seriously Don’t Get These 19 Beauty Products

We do some pretty ridiculous things in order to look our best. And, these strange behaviours are typically coupled with even stranger products. From a rotating curling iron to a rubber face mask, all of these wacky wares have made their way into our beauty routine at some time or another. That said, there are some beauty inventions out there that we flat-out don't get — and that make us feel like we'll never stop laughing at their ridiculousness.
Whether it's poo drops so your sh*t don't stink, a facial-contouring device that looks like a sex toy, or reusable(!) fart-absorbing pads, some of the weirdest beauty products around are straight ahead. Hey...maybe you'll find something you never realised you needed before. You know, like pheromone-laced shaving cream.
Kayla Isaacs contributed reporting.

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