3 Wedding Outfits You Haven’t Worn Yet

Is it just us, or is everyone getting married all of a sudden? Between three cousins, a college roomie, and our boyfriend’s mother’s best friend’s daughter, our weekends are pretty much packed with summer nuptials. And, with so many weddings to attend, it’s got us wondering (and kinda worrying) about what to wear to all these happy shindigs.
While we aren’t looking to steal any bride’s thunder, we’re also a bit tired of sporting a plain LBD, LRD, or any other L-something-Ds. So, we left it up to stylist Hannah Dilworth to serve up some fresh inspiration with patterns. Watch as she shows us how to master a print for any dress code.

Styled by Katie Burnett ; Hair & Makup by Ashleigh Ciucci ; Shooting andediting by Ben Poster, Maia Stern, and Stephanie Szerlip; Opener image
photographed by Julia Robbs.


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