Field Trip: ’30s Chic At South Street Seaport

We wish it was still the dirty '30s so we could book a voyage on the SS
, the preferred French steamer of choice for Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, and Colette. The liner sank during WWII, but lucky for us troops salvaged some of the amazing art-deco furnishing, including fittings from Hermès, Lalique, and Jean Patou. Now, we can all experience some trans-Atlantic glam with the opening of the South Street Seaport Museum's exhibit "DECODENCE: Legendary Interiors and Illustrious Travelers aboard the SS Normandie". And since, let's face it, the last time you were at the Seaport was with your mom and a juice-box, we've put together a little hit-list of stops to make your trip downtown even sweeter.

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See: South Street Seaport Museum
Start your afternoon off with some decadence (and picture yourself in a Vionnet gown), the Normandie exhibit just opened yesterday.
12 Fulton Street, (between Beekman and John streets); 212-748-8786‎
Shop: Brown & Company Stationers
We recommend filling your paper addiction at this scrivener shop; they've mastered the art of snail mail and offer custom cards.
211 Water Street, (between Beekman and Fulton streets); 212-748-8651
Drink: Vintry Vine & Whiskey
Finish your night off at this old-time spot; with one hundred types of the golden stuff, you'll walk out a whiskey connoisseur. Just be careful not to fall overboard.
57 Stone Street, (between Coenties Alley & Mill Lane); 212-480-9800