Wear Barbie and Ken Atop Your Head With Pier Atkinson's Fantastical Hats

Let's face it: It takes a certain amount of balls to pull off a hat these days. But you'll need some major cojones to work one of British designer Piers Atkinson's fantastically fearless hats. For his autumn/winter '09 collection, appropriately dubbed "The Princess and the Frog," the fashion-editor-turned-madcap-milliner has turned two of our favorite childhood icons—the 50-and-loving-it Barbie, and the inexplicably trendy Kermit the Frog—into campy creations that epitomize fashion-as-conversation-piece. The blonde bombshell is seen writhing in all her plastic glory atop petite straw berets and headbands (including one battery-operated speaking model), getting down with an anatomically incorrect Ken on a cushion of leaves and flowers, and creating a platinum plume of tiny doll heads. Kermit, meanwhile, reveals his Muppety mug in a full-faced balaclava with oversized pom-pom eyes, a green wool beanie, and a playful little headband adorned with wobbly eyeballs. Mickey Mouse and Dorothy are also referenced, along with irresistibly luscious bloom-covered toppers that are suddenly taking the sting out of the approach of wedding season. We can't wait to see what other babes in toyland Atkinson has up his sleeves next.

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