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It's time to talk about masturbating during your period. Though it's not for everyone (we know all too well that period sex can be a bloody mess), hormonal fluctuations can often raise your libido, making you feel extra frisky during that time of the month to the point where you need to orgasm (not to mention that orgasming can help alleviate cramps and reduce stress). But with that boost of extreme horniness can come other physical side effects. For me, along with unfortunately terrible cramps, aching, and fatigue, my horniness comes with a helping of increased vaginal sensitivity that oftentimes needs a gentler hand to coax it to orgasm.

Because I'm not a huge fan of period mess, I prefer to use a sex toy to get myself to release (rather than my literal hand), but most of my fave buzz-worthy vibrators are too aggressive on my poor hormonally affected clit (my vast array of suction vibrators are a hard no during my period). I was resigned to living in aching, horny agony until I stumbled upon a best-selling clitoral vibrator that is perfectly powered to help you get your best orgasm without overstimulating your already-sensitive clit. Say hello to your time of the month's new best friend: the We-Vibe Touch X Clitoral Vibrator.
The eight-speed clitoral vibrator has become a cult fave among sex toy enthusiasts for many reasons. Of its 500+ reviews on Amazon, fans have focused on its wide range of intensities, which go from a very low rumble to an uber-high buzz, and super-soft silicone casing. Many of the reviews obsess over the vibrator's "flat-ish shape [which] makes it easy to use," and it was the first thing I noticed upon removing it from its packaging. The shape of the Touch X is unlike most other clitoral vibrators on the market. Not only is it small and flat-ish, making it extra easy to hold, but it also has a unique divot at the tip, which is meant to make space for your clit.

That is the key to why the Touch X is so perfect for an overstimulated clit. Because of this special concave tip, the rest of the vibrator can buzz through your entire vulva without pressing too hard against the clit. The tip is also flexible, so it nestles perfectly between your thighs, as opposed to protruding uncomfortably. Like other pleased reviewers, I also really enjoyed the wide range of vibrations. The lowest speed is more of a slow rumble than a buzz, which I think made for a better sensation against my sensitive clit. I also appreciated the ease of controls. While many simple clitoral vibrators require scrolling up through all the intensities to get to patterns, the Touch X separated them, so you can get the intensity and pattern you want with individual buttons. This also lessened the risk of overstimulating my clit since I could keep the lowest intensity on while I found a unique pattern that suited my arousal.

It's easy to use, comfortable to hold, and very rumbly.

lovehoney reviewer
Among its other desirable attributes, I also loved that the Touch X was waterproof. One of the most foolproof ways to keep your period masturbation from becoming too much of a mess is taking your vibe into the bath or shower for easy cleanup. I found that it worked perfectly, even completely submerged in the bathtub. Pro tip: If you are extra-sensitive during your period, the bathtub is a great spot. Water washes away lubricant (natural or otherwise), which can make you even more sensitive to a vibrator's ministrations.

The USB rechargeable vibrator has a playtime of two hours, which means it will rarely need to be recharged (unless you're going for a real masturbation marathon — in which case, you do you!). And although it is on the pricier side of clitoral vibrators, it comes with a two-year warranty. So if anything happens to it, We-Vibe will replace it for free, making it totally worth the risk. It's my experience that less-expensive clitoral vibrators buzz so highly that their motors can burn out in a few months — significantly less than two years.

Literally the best clitoral vibrator I have ever used, and I’ve used my fair share.

hilary, amazon reviewer
My bathtub period masturbation session was ultimately a success. My orgasm washed over me slowly but still giving me the release I craved, bringing me a perfectly pleasurable climax that didn't leave my clit sore or my body aching. Disclaimer: I only used the lowest two settings of the vibrator's eight speeds, so I am not sure how powerful it really gets. I did use it against my hand, and it felt like it was significantly buzzier than the lower speeds (like, intimidatingly so). So if you're worried about investing in a sex toy that is too gentle, don't.

This versatile clitoral stimulator is definitely going to be one I reach for during the most intense days of my period, again and again.

Worth every penny.

brenda, amazon reviewer
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