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World’s Largest Egg Hat Stolen…Wait, What’s An Egg Hat?!

Our hearts are broken—or scrambled, really—after reading this unfortunate news. Entertainer Greg da Silva of Cape Town, South Africa, made a world record-breaking hat, which happens to be made out of 1,000 eggs. While we wonder if putting even one egg on your head prior to this 83-dozen wonder would have qualified for the record, unfortunately this spectacular headpiece was stolen in Germany while da Silva was recovering from heat stroke. How he got this hat to Germany, especially with how much it costs to check luggage now, is a wonder in itself. Nevertheless, da Silva considers the headpiece to be integral to his performances, and judging from the picture, we can only imagine the merriment he and his egg-straordinary piece of craftsmanship bring to people. Seriously, how can you not smile while looking at that hat? We only hope that if and when it's returned, da Silva is given the opportunity to walk down the runway with it this season. (Unique Daily)