Watch: Video Of Naked Model's Hair On Fire At Diddy's Party

Sean "Diddy" Combs is hot, but we wouldn't exactly call him on fire. The musician/mogul, who's been partying all sorts of ways to celebrate his new album "Last Train To Paris," got on the bad side of the NYFD Tuesday night with a right flame up at his CD release bash at the London NYC hotel. While Puffy told hotel managers he was having 20 people up to the 2,500-square-foot hotel room for an intimate fete, the crowd surged to more than 200 guests, almost more than the capacity of your typical Big Apple bar. And of course, what's the Diddy without some titty—according to onlookers the singer had near-naked models lounging around in bubble baths. Maybe it was the crowd, maybe Combs was looking extra hot, or maybe it was the, uh, romantic candles lining the tub, but one bikini-ed gal's hair suddenly caught on fire. Watch what ensues in the video clip below—besides the whole chauvinism with a side of cheese thing going on, we think it's kinda douche how dude on the microphone is more concerned about getting the camera turned off then helping his frothy friend.

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