Want A Taste of Boob Cheese?

You're in luck. On the heels of the Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream, comes breast milk cheese. An exhibit by NYU student Miriam Simun at the Michael Mut Gallery titled, "The Human Cheese Project" will enable you to sample fine frommage created from what could arguably be the best source of milk—the human breast. At The Lady Cheese Shop, visitors have the option to taste three kinds of cheeses, each sourced from a different lactating woman, and sample it with food and wine pairings created by Chef Sarah Hymanson. You might automatically recoil at the idea of eating human milk cheese, but Miriam poses this thought-provoking question: "How do we understand what is natural, healthy, and ethical? If we reject all technologically modified food in favor of what is 'natural,' how far back do we go?" Wonder if it will appeal to locavores and sustainable eaters out there, or if we're going to see breast milk cheese in our greenmarkets in the near future. (Trendhunter)

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