Wanna Know How To Be A “Real” New Yorker? Look No Further Than The Village Voice


Remember that time when you sat crying on the F-train on your way to work, staring hatefully at the people around you, all the while wondering why you chose New York City over a safe life in your hometown (including constant access to Grandma's apple pie)? Okay, maybe that's just us, but it always helps to hear some wisdom about living in this mega-concrete jungle from those who've lived and loved it the best. Just like it takes butter, apples, and a pop in the oven to make a pie, it takes some gratuitous lamenting, painstakingly hidden sappiness, and a whole lotta unflappable cool to be a New Yorker, according to this rather enlightening guide from, who else, but
The Village Voice
. So, sit down, wipe your tears, and prepare to bone up with this incredibly helpful (and enchanting!) read on how to be a proper New Yorker. Take that, Bradshaw! (Village Voice)

Photo: Courtesy of The Village Voice