5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 11 2011

It's official, our subway stations aren't all that. If you didn't know that already, the shots of Swedish metro stations in Stockholm will clue you in. (Gothamist)
Apparently, 71% of us New Yorkers want a Walmart. The source? Walmart. The company has started a website, Walmart New York City, to help push their Big Apple agenda. (Gawker)
When is this cupcake craze gonna end?? Crumbs, the country's largest cupcake chain, is going public! We bet shareholders will gain mondo weight. (New York Times)
Besides his incredible good lucks, Dennis Freedman also has a new job—Creative Director at Barneys New York. The W alum replaces Simon Doonan, who will know be "creative ambassador-at-large," whatever that means. (The Cut)
Speaking of moves, former In Style editor Charla Lawhon has taken the helm at new site, Fashion Etc. Kinda looks like The Daily Beast, yeah? (Fashionetc.com)

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