W29 Showroom’s Weird But Off-The-Hook Sample Sale

So, if you've been reading any fashion blogs lately, you'll know that sample sale season is upon us. It can be uber-frustrating to budget accordingly, as we've seen by the frantic tweets from fashionistas trying to decide the best spot to spend their hard-earned cash. Well, we think if you're gonna part with your dollars, the W29 showroom sample sale may be one of the best places to provide strange, outrageous, and kinda-fabulous duds. While it's not the cheapest, the offerings from seven under-the-radar designers will guarantee that you'll stand out from the pack. There's seven different brands, with some stunning sequined dresses from Ashish, damn fine denim from The Local Firm (though their look-book sorta scares us), and a neat selection of jackets from Alexander Koutny. Trust us, if you're into off-the-cuff fash, it's one sample sale that should be at the top of your shopping hit-list.

W29 Showroom, 208 West 29th street (between 7th and 8th Avenues); Suite 201; 212-563-0162
Friday May 21, 10a.m.-6p.m.
Saturday May 22, 12 - 4p.m.
Sunday May 23, 12 - 4p.m.
Monday May 24, 10am - 6p.m.