Whoops! Vogue Mixes Up A Politician With A Decorator

So, we know that Vogue doesn't claim to be down-to-earth or connected to the everyday, regular Joe. Whether it be extreme photoshopping or offering advice on sprucing up your Hamptons home, they've always operated on their own wavelength — but this may be their biggest mea culpa yet.
In the October issue (out now), the mag issued the most ridiculous correction we've ever seen. It appears that in September's Chelsea Clinton profile, editors mistakenly cited a deputy assistant director at the Department of State as an interior designer. Now, of course, no offense to all the interior designers out there (without you, our apartments would be ghastly!), but this is kind of a major oversight. The glossy likes to pride themselves on covering more serious issues alongside their fashion editorials, so we would hope that at least one staffer at 4 Times Square would be able to recognize the politician's name before press time. But, hey, it's not every day we get a good laugh flipping through the mag's pages. (WNYC)

Photo: Via WNYC