Vogue Charges People To Work, Green Day Gets You In The Mood, And The Subway Puker Speaks Out!

East Villagers aren't too happy with Subway. Apparently foot-longs don't go too well with plaid and ripped skinnies. (Bowery Boogie)
Speaking of Subway, the subway puker is now seriously pissed at the NYPD. You'd think it would be the other way—she vommed all over them. (Gothamist)
Apparently, the new Green Day musical is getting the audience, uh, horny. (Gawker)
Vogue thinks it's cool enough to charge people to work there. Weirdly, that's not working so well. New York Observer)
Will this be the new Waverly Inn? We can already Anna Wintour happily slicing up steak here. (NY Post)