Party On! Vladimir Roitfeld’s Gallery Shindig Debuts Carine’s Pantless Ensemble

Above left: Jean Paul Gaultier and Carine Roitfeld. Above right: Grace Balzarini, Giovanna Battaglia. Enlarge image
Art-dude Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's gallery parties are some of the best-dressed fêtes around, and the big players came out last night to preview Nicolas Pol's "The Martus Maw" exhibition held in an old meat market on the Lower East Side. We were tipped off by a champagne server who suggested we play "Spot the Penis" with the fairly phallic pieces (note: It only took us 15 minutes to find them all), but that's just our own special way of enjoying the art: Erin Wasson sat slouched against a back wall with a cigarette snack in one hand and a highball glass in the other, Fabiola Beracasa and Andy Valmorbida took giggly photos of one another in front of the graffiti-like canvases, and Giovanna Battaglia, Garance and Scott, Byrdie Bell, Stacey Bendet, and Maya Singer milled about the incense-clouded space. Mama Carine came to support her son in a pantsless ensemble, though with fab accessory Jean Paul Gaultier on her arm, her Gaga-undies were soon forgiven. As for this sculpture? It's going to take us a few more glasses of champagne before we get over that one.
Above left: Erin Wasson, Maya Singer. Above right: Stacey Bendet, Ali Wise. Enlarge image
Above: A piece by Nicolas Pol. Enlarge image
Above left: Scott Schuman, Garance Doré. Above right: Byrdie Bell, Ali Wise. Enlarge image
Above: Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, a friend, and Nicolas Pol. Enlarge image
Above left: Theophilus London. Above right: Two blonde stunners. Enlarge image
Above Left: A tall glass of water in a great gray suit. Above right: Two ladies, back in black. Enlarge image
Above: A piece by Nicolas Pol. Enlarge image
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