5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 06 2011

What does your neighborhood say about you? Bet this guy could sum it up in one word. (Gothamist)
There are 1000 choices in the running to be the new name of the NYSE. Among the selections are "The Exchange" and "uberMX." (Daily Intel)
Vivienne Westwood opened her first U.S. boutique in L.A. rather than NYC because "New York people are a bit stuck up and self important, and think that just the fact that they live in New York makes them better than anybody else." Uh, thanks. (The Cut)
Tyra Banks finally pushes her neighbors over the edge, and she hasn't even moved in yet. (New York Post)
Grow your own garden in Brooklyn. C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it. (Gawker)