Go Vintage Without Going Totally Cheeseball

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Classic looks are classics for a reason: They stand the test of time. No one is ever going to wake up and tell you that your cat-eye or red lip are passé. But, there is a delicate balance we strike when achieving our vintage beauty looks. How do we go there without visiting cheese town? To get that answer, we chatted with Annamarie Tendler, makeup artist and author of The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks For Day, Night, And Everything In Between.
"The key is to take certain aspects of a look and then leave the others behind," Tendler says. So, if you're going for a full-on mod look, keep the focus on drawing in your lashes and adding an extra coat of mascara. To keep it from going over-the-top, don't draw in your eye crease and add some light contouring to keep it modern. "You can look 'mod' without looking like you stepped out of a time machine," Tendler says.
Another huge trend that people gravitate towards, especially once the weather cools, is an all-matte look. "Women in the '50s and '60s wore really, really heavy foundation," Tendler explains. This created a caked-on matte look. But, it can be difficult to mimic this shine-free visage without looking like you've got six inches of makeup protruding from your mug.
Tendler says having dewy skin is a simple fix for keeping a vintage look modern. But, if you're hoping to go slightly matte, she suggests reaching for a brush instead of a powder buff or sponge. "A brush offers lighter application," she says. "You should also focus the powder on your T-zone, and keep your cheeks dewy."
The most important thing? Start slow and build yourself up to a vintage look. "It's much easier to add makeup than to take it off," Tendler says. Too much of a good thing is never ideal — even when it comes to makeup. But, do it right, and you're well on your way to full-on vintage vixen.

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