Viktor & Rolf On Redheads, The Internet, And More (In 60 Seconds)

Although they were only in L.A. for a few nights, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren looked like a pair of bona fide Angelenos while eating lunch at the Chateau. Decked in coordinating outfits (both wore cheeky prints, like khakis embroidered with mini mustaches), they were soaking in the SoCal sunshine like the finest. The Amsterdam-based designers rarely visit the States, let alone schedule interviews (they're very busy boys!), so we used our time with the two wisely — chatting with them about everything from Jessica Chastain to their favorite Santa Monica spots.
Your video collab with Liz Goldwyn was so clever! Can you explain the "world round web"? And, do you two have any guilty YouTube pleasures?
"Ha! Well, no YouTube guilty pleasures that we should be sharing. But, the idea for the video was to rethink the world wide web on a very basic level. It was a fictional situation where HTML asked us to redesign the entire web — not just our website. It was something that was inspired on a very basic level. We ask ourselves why things are the way they are, and why can't they be different?"
Does that same line of thought apply to your collections? "Yes, because it always starts with a very basic thought. It also starts with language, followed by logic, and it evolves from there."

Your shows are very conceptual. How do you come up with the theme and performance?
"We've pushed the concept of the runway show quite a bit, because it's a medium to express more than just the look of the season. We did a show that was back-to-front — before Marc Jacobs — and we did a show where the girls wore their own lighting and music. The idea was that every model was a universe in herself. We try to think very logically: 'How can you express and idea, in a very clear and extreme way?'"

What's the secret to a successful partnership?
"We're best friends, we like to hang out, and we respect each other. We also laugh a lot."

From Tilda Swinton to Anne V., you have many great muses! Who are you currently channeling?
"We like intelligent and authentic men and women. We met Jessica Chastain at our show in March, and we admire her because she's clever, fun, and down-to-earth. And, a redhead! I don't know why, but we're attracting redheads."

Writing and illustrating Fairy Tales is such a diversion from designing. Can you describe that experience?
"The book started as a hobby — we were sending each other children's stories. We took a bit of time to make it, and it was nice to not have a deadline on a project. But, once the publisher came in, there was a deadline."


Would you say you have a preference in art or fashion?
"For us, it's always fashion — but we're constantly exploring the boundaries."

You stayed in Santa Monica during your trip to L.A.! Where did you go and what did you do?
"We stayed at Shutters On The Beach, and we ate at Capo, Shima, and Axe. We also went surfing — or, at least we tried surfing. The lesson was a great workout, and we even caught a few waves for a split second. Oh, we also went biking and did some shopping on Abbot Kinney, as well."

Photo: Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf

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